all that's left for me is to sail the seven seas;

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jordan plague;

I'm Jordan. I'm eighteen and I like horror movies and video games.
(And I'm pretty much head over heels for James Owen Sullivan.)

James Sullivan is my soulmate. Brian Haner is my bff. I am the Jacoby Shaddix of LJ.
I have claimed James Sullivan and anything and everything to do with him. I own James Sullivan's cock.
I own James Sullivan's fiiiine ass. I own: James Sullivan's whole body. Ville Valo's eyes.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Betrayed. Luna Lovegood. Lord Voldemort. James Sullivan. Jacoby Shaddix.
Davey Havok. Hellsing. D.Gray-Man. Gravitation. A Little Piece of Heaven. Turn Out the Lights.
I Almost Told You That I Loved You.
xxrevenge666xx. xboycottlovex.

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